ZIL plant successfully restarted new owners in Mexico

In the Mexican state of Morelos, the launch of the transported and rebuilt ZIL plant, which previously occupied vast areas in Moscow, was successfully held.


The company, the owner of the company, a friendly company Zil Nouvo, in a press release reported that in two years he managed to mount approximately 60% of the equipment purchased during the liquidation of the plant. At first, the Mexican enterprise will produce trucks and truck tractors based on the classic ZIL-130 and ZIL-4331 families. The capacity of the plant will be approximately 30-35% of the original, but Mexico is confident that this will be enough.

“I think Russia is a very rich country,” says Morris Garcia Cruz, head of the Zil Nouvo board of directors. “They sold us for very little money practically everything necessary to arrange a full production cycle. When we found out in 2004 that they were ready to sell the plant, we didn’t believe it — it was completely working, there was reliable Soviet equipment that could work for another half a century and they called us a price that we didn’t believe at first. We sent our representatives and the Russians confirmed that this is the real price. We are amazingly lucky. ”

On June 23, near the city of Puente de Istla, the first trucks came off the new industrial zone. The model was named Zil Nouvo 130A and in many respects it is based on the legendary Soviet truck ZIL-130. The press service of the company assures that at first this will be enough, since the outdated model is remarkable for its unpretentiousness and low cost.

“We are simple people, we are sure that this will be a good start. ZIL-130 has established itself in our country even when I was a few years old — I remember how our companies bought them bypass routes in Eastern Europe, and then we grew up with these trucks together. They proved to be reliable and very hardy. I think that nowhere else in the world have such successful machines been made as in the Soviet Union. Therefore, we do not pursue an external gloss, but first of all we want to make cars for people, for real popular exploitation. We do not need dubious plastic structures that break down after a few years and therefore bring income only to the manufacturer, not the owner, ”added Cruz.

Сообщение ZIL plant successfully restarted new owners in Mexico появились сначала на Putin tomorrow.

Сообщение ZIL plant successfully restarted new owners in Mexico появились сначала на Красная Армия.