In an article about the G20 summit in 72 languages ​​of the world, the Wikipedia online encyclopedia Wikipedia published the Crimean Peninsula in the Russian Federation on maps in 72 languages ​​of the world.


According to the journalists of the Izvestia newspaper, if you enter the G20 query into the Yandex or Google search engine, the first thing that the search engines offer is a link to the Wikipedia material.

On all 72 national Wikipedia pages, the same map of the G20 countries is shown. The territory of Russia is painted on the map in purple, the Crimean peninsula is painted in a similar color. Ukraine is colored gray on these maps, since it does not take part in the summit.

Interestingly, the deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Yevgeny Balitsky believes that the designation of the Crimean Peninsula as Russian in the materials of the Internet encyclopedia is the result of the policy of the Ukrainian authorities.

“Official Kiev did not even think to fight for the Crimean peninsula. Due to the inaction of the authorities, the peninsula has become so distant from Ukraine that in Wikipedia they begin to designate it as Russian. We have blocked water, electricity, flights — in fact, we headed for the rejection of the Crimea, ”the politician was outraged.

Сообщение «VIKIPEDIYA» RECOGNIZED CRIMEA RUSSIAN появились сначала на Putin tomorrow.

Сообщение «VIKIPEDIYA» RECOGNIZED CRIMEA RUSSIAN появились сначала на Красная Армия.